These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of package travel arrangements and the Travel Organization Agreement between Alivia Travel Ltd. (DBA Croatique – Your Destination Boutique) and the client. By using any content, products, or services through our offices or through our Web site the client agrees with these General Terms and Conditions or, additionally, the Terms and Conditions listed alongiside services offered. These Terms and Conditions can only be changed without notice by an authorized representative of Croatique – Your Destination Boutique.


Croatique – Your Destination Boutique can be contacted in writing via e-mail ( and mail address Capraska Ulica 12, 44000 Sisak, by phone +385 99 821 7431 or through our Travel Agents/Authorized Partners. Upon reservation, the Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the service. Booking is confirmed upon the payment of 30% of the total amount of package arrangement and all travel expenses. The remaining amount fully dues 61 days prior to the first service. For reservations made within 61 days to 26 days prior to the first service, the entire payment must be made within 7 days of the made reservation. For reservations made within 26 days of first service, a full payment must be made within 24 hours of making the reservation. The reservation can be cancelled until the deposit/payment is made in the above mentioned periods and for each cancellation fee is charged according to the amounts specified in  CANCELLATION POLICY.

Payment is possible via a bank account or through an authorized partner.


Our authorized partners may have their own additional Terms and Conditions. Many of our third party suppliers have their own terms and booking conditions and you will be bound by these as they apply to your contract with us as far as the supplier is concerned. Our supplier’s conditions will also apply to your contract with us. In case of any conflict, supplier’s conditions will prevail in cases deemed acceptable. Croatique – Your Destination Boutique is not in any way responsible for Travel Agent /Authorized Partners and Clients disputes.

We share only the information which is necessary for the booking and service with our partners and suppliers. We will not give any unnecessary information to third parties.


We strongly advise the Client does not change the bookings after they were confirmed. However, for booking changes up to 72 hours prior the start of the service, Croatique – Your Destination Boutique will will check the availability and the possibility of changing the reservation. Booking change fee is a minimum of 50 EUR per service, excluding the additional cost of the third-party suppliers, according to their Terms and Conditions.


In case of cancellation of a reservation made via Croatique – Your Destination Boutique, the above mentioned penalties will apply:

  • 15% of the amount up to 48 days prior to the first service – not including the additional fees per third-party Terms and Conditions;
  • 35% of 47 to 28 days before the first service – not including the additional fees per third-party Terms and Conditions;
  • 55% of 27 to 16 days prior to the first service – not including the additional fees per third-party Terms and Conditions;
  • 75% of 15 to 7 days prior to providing the first service – not including the additional fees per third-party Terms and Conditions;
  • 100% if it is 6 business days less than the first service.

These percentages are the total cost of travel arrangements contracted by Croatique – Your Destination Boutique. All the above refers to working days, from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm, calculated by date and time in Croatia. Transportation services are planned for the maximum waiting time for pick-ups up to 30 minutes and for transport to the airport for up to 1 hour, after which time Croatique – Your Destination Boutique will not be able to complete the agreed service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As previously stated, our third-party suppliers have their own Terms and Conditions. Depending on the services included in the travel plan created for passengers, the cancellation policy may differ from the above conditions. Upon reservation, the individual cancellation clauses will be provided to the Client, while the above conditions will not be taken into account.


The price of the package-arrangement may only be increased if specific costs (e.g. fuel prices, tax rates or travel services charge included in the contract by a third party) are increased and, if that is specifically agreed  in the contract, and in any event not later than 20 days before the start a package holiday. If the increase of the price exceeds 8% of package price, the passenger can terminate the contract.

A passenger has the right to an appropriate decrease in the price for any period during which there was inconsistency in contractual travel in the package arrangement, unless Croatique – Your Destination Boutique proves that non-compliance is attributable to the Client.


Alivia Travel Ltd. DBA Croatique – Your Destination Boutique bookings and sevices are secured through:

  • the general insurance policy: Adriatic osiguranje POLICA OSIGURANJA OD ODGOVORNOSTI broj 0687011490
  • money is secured by the insurance policy Adriatic osiguranje POLICA OSIGURANJA JAMSTVA broj 0687011488

In addition to this, Croatique – Your Destination Boutique offers its passengers accident insurance, as well as sickness and illnesses in travel, baggage damage and loss, voluntary health insurance during travel and stay abroad and travel cancellation insurance, which can be additionally contracted through Croatique – Your Destination Boutique for the whole territory of Croatia, provided by Wiener Osiguranje.

Croatique – Your Destination Boutique will offer the Client these insurance policies. Insurance has to be paid in full upon payment of the deposit. If not, Croatique – Your Destination Boutique will consider the Client arranged the insurance policies with an insurance company at home. Croatique – Your Destination Boutique strongly advises having valid insurance when traveling. Croatique – Your Destination Boutique is not responsible for any events that occur in connection to health issues, as we are not able to provide any medical assistance, or other events covered by insurance.


Croatique – Your Destination Boutique gives out new information about destination in our marketing materials. However, information may differ in case of changes or errors. All information, data, and images collected by Croatique – Your Destination Boutique are connected to valid sources, and assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions of such data or images/picture by Croatique – Your Destination Boutique itself. Croatique – Your Destination Boutique cannot be held liable for such occurances. Croatique – Your Destination Boutique can change marketing information at any time, without notification.


The accommodation offered in the programs is described according to the official categorization of the respective country valid at the moment of the publication of the program. Services provided in tourism are under the authority of local tourist boards.


Croatique – Your Destination Boutique is not responsible for arranging travel visas. The Client is asked to check all the requirements with the competent authority, including, but not limited to, customs, visa and health requirements, and is fully responsible for valid passport as well. More details about traveling to Croatia can be found here.


Upon final payment, and no less that 2 weeks prior to the first service provided, the Client will receive a confirmation welcome letter, alongside vouchers and other necessary travel documentation via e-mail. The client is obligated to confirm they received the documentation.


The Client is obliged to comply with laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as other countries where Croatique – Your Destination Boutique provides sevices, and obeys the order in the hotel and other facilities, cooperate with the organizer and third-party service providers. The Client is personally liable for any damage he/she causes, in particular for damage resulting from non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions. The Client is liable for the damage he caused to be covered immediately at the reception of the hotel and in another place designated by the natural or legal person who suffered the damage.


Croatique – Your Destination Boutique is obliged to provide the traveler with the services of the same content as stated in the confirmed itinerary and is also obliged to protect the traveler’s rights and interests, in accordance with the current laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Croatia and fair business practices. Croatique guarantees clients protection and we are GDPR compliant.


Croatique – Your Destination Boutique, alongside it’s travel agents, authorized partners and suppliers are not in any way liable for damage or delay caused by force majeure events. Those events include, but are not limited to: war, political unrest, acts of God, natural disasters, strikes, fire, epidemic breakout, schedule changes, customs regulation, air traffic delay, terrorist activity.

These terms of are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of Croatia, under the the jurisdiction in Republic of Croatia.


In case the Client is to file a complaint regarding a service provided, they should do it without any unnecessary delay. Croatique – Your Destination Boutique will, taking into consideration the circumstances, deal with the complaint without delay. If the complaint is not filed at the spot, Croatique – Your Destination Boutique is not obligated to take it into account.

If the immediate resolving is not possible, the traveler can file a written complaint no later than 8 days after the completion of the travel. Written complaints can be sent to:

  • via e-mail (
  • address Capraska Ulica 12, 44000 Sisak

Croatique – Your Destination Boutique shall confirm without delay and in written the receipt of the complaint and respond within 15 days. In that time, the Client waives the right to have any other person or judicial institution mediate on his/her behalf, as well as to provide any information to the media. Upon resolving the complaint in favour of the Client, the amount of the refund shall not be aplicable to services already used, or the full price paid. In case of a lawsuit, the law of the Republic of Croatia are applicable and the competent court is the court in Zagreb.




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